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Unfortunately no.
During the application, only one person will be granted the the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). However, before discussing your eligibility for the grant you must make sure that your partner or spouse has not previously received the grant in any Australian state or territory. Otherwise, you may not be permitted access.
The First Home Owner Grant Scheme is funded by the Federal Government and administered by the Office of State Revenue (OSR). The scheme assists eligible first home owners to purchase or build their first home by offering a monetary grant. The grant applies to residential dwellings only.
You can apply for your First Home Owner Grant at the same time as your home loan application. Your solicitor or chosen lender will usually help you apply. Alternatively, you can request an application from the Office of State Revenue in your state or territory.
When your home loan is settled, the grant will become available. If you are building, the grant will be available at the time of the first drawdown on contracts to build.
You can also apply after completion of the eligible transaction. For example, after settlement and when you are registered on the property title as the owner.