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Incentives Are Driving Tenants Back into CBD Office Space

After a tough period for CBD property around the country, a leading valuer is starting to see tenants finally return.

Incentives Are Driving Tenants Back into CBD Office Space

Herron Todd White (HTW) notes that large incentives on offer from owners have made the inner-city locations incredibly appealing.

Because of the lack of demand for office space – particularly in the Melbourne CBD – face rents are under pressure leading to incentives growing to as much as 30-40 percent, depending on leasing lengths.

“As the CBD vacancy rates rise, along with incentives, we expect to see a flight to quality out of the suburbs and fringe CBD locations and into the high-quality CBD office spaces on offer for roughly the same total occupancy cost,” HTW said.

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Top Reasons to Invest in New Equipment for Your Small Business

Most businesses understand the importance of investing in equipment to move their business forward. As the saying goes, you need to spend money to make money. Here’s why it’s important.

Top Reasons to Invest in New Equipment for Your Small Business


Old equipment might get the job done, but is it going to be the most efficient way of doing things? With equipment financing, you can improve productivity, reduce project timelines, and increase the output of your business without needing additional resources.


Tax benefits

Depending on your individual circumstances, you could be eligible for write-offs and deductions that see you benefiting more from investing in new equipment than if you didn’t.


Workplace satisfaction

With new, state of the art equipment, your business becomes a place employees want to be, and customers want to visit. With better aesthetics and new technology, the increased capabilities make your business stronger and more desirable.

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4 Things to Do to Improve Your Credit Score

If you’re setting the goal of purchasing a home in the coming year, it might be time to start getting your financials in order ahead of time.

One of the most important and often overlooked steps is to make sure you have a solid credit score. A credit score is a number that represents how you’ve managed debt in the past.

Every time you apply for credit it impacts your credit score, however, when you do things right – like pay your bills on time – it helps lift your rating.

Lenders will automatically decline borrowers who don’t meet their criteria for what they consider to be an acceptable credit score. This is why it’s important to get that side of your money management in order, well before applying for a home loan or even seeking a pre-approval.

Here’s some things you can do.

4 Things to Do to Improve Your Credit Score

Get Your Credit Report


In Australia, it’s possible to get a copy of your credit report and assess your rating. It’s free to do and there are a number of agencies that you can get the information through.

Once you have it, you need to check that there are no errors. That might be things like bills that you paid but aren’t reflected accurately in your credit report.

These mistakes will weigh down your credit score and could impact your ability to find a lender.


Make Sure Everything is Paid


If you have any outstanding bills, it’s important to take care of those debts straight away. Lenders can default loans on payments of $150 or more that are more than 60 days overdue.

The sooner you can tidy up anything that you owe, the faster you can start improving your score.


Pay Your Bills Early


The data credit agencies have on you is very detailed and they can tell not just if you pay your bills, but when you typically pay them too.

If you’re always a few days late, this will be reflected in your credit score. When you’re trying to repair your credit, you should get into the habit of paying your bills the moment they are received.

Even if you pay them on the due date, they will normally end up taking a few days to process through the various payment platforms, which means you are effectively still making late payments.


Be Mindful of Debt


Every time you apply for any form of credit, your credit score drops. All those seemingly small purchases that you make using credit can eventually impact you in a negative manner.

The same thing applies when you want to get a home loan. If you apply to multiple lenders and keep getting rejected, it will not reflect favourably on your credit report.

That is why it’s always best to work with a mortgage broker who can independently assess your credit report and compare the most suitable lenders for your personal situation. Brokers will also look at other options to improve your financial position with processes such as debt consolidation.

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