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The mortgage registration fee varies between states. The fee itself is the charge of registering a home loan, thus the property acts as security on that loan.
The government requires the home loan to be registered so that future claims on the property can be checked by prospectors. Oxcel stamp duty calculator can assist you in finding out how much you may need to pay in your state.
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Since stamp duty is an initial cost, lenders prefer if a borrower can support this cost through other means, such as personal savings.
However, in certain circumstances a lender may include this cost in the loan amount which may also include other costs such as Lenders Mortgage Insurance and ongoing product fees.
Stamp duty fees can also be covered through the use of a Guarantor Loan.
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Depending on the state or territory you reside in, stamp duty, transfer fees and other government charges will vary.

Stamp duty is a tax, so the amount you pay will go towards the state or territory government budget. The amount will be used to fund public sectors such as Health, Education and Training, Roads Transport and Emergency Services.
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